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Crochet Art 

Vejigante De Mi Linaje 

November 2022

1.5x 1.5 ft  Foam, Acrylic Yarn, Acrylic Paint 

Vejigantes are a part of the Puerto Rican Carnival. They are said to ward away evil spirits and represent the struggle between good and evil.  I chose the Vejigante to represent my maternal grandparents because they have moved me toward mi Isla, the love of Puerto Rico, and our culture. 

To illustrate my roots and heritage, I used the colors of the Cabo Rojo Boquerón flag, where my grandfather was from as well as the Mayagüez flag, where my grandmother was born. The Taino sun represents my grandfather’s indigenous roots. The neon orange and pink represent me, bright and full of energy. I wanted to create a peace that signified their impact on me into a mixed-media yarn sculpture, and here it is! 


La Primera Bandera

November 2022

2.5 x2.5 ft  Acrylic Yarn 

This was the first Puerto Rican flag created in 1868 by Mariana Bracetti as a symbol of independence from Spanish rule. This was also a symbol of solidarity to Haiti, Dominican republic and Cuba who were also under colonial rule. 


Lecciones De Amor 

November 2021

4 ft x 3 ft  Acrylic Yarn, Metal Wire


This piece is an ode to my maternal grandmother. She  has taught me that creativity is endless when we believe we can, hence the name Lessons of Love. The hands sewing represent my grandmother who was a seamstress and my hands crocheting. Although at this moment she can’t sew, Ive learned so much from her as a little girl when she was able.  



July 2020

10 ft x 12 ft  Acrylic Yarn

commissioned piece for the 100 year anniversary of The Coney Island Wonder Wheel during COVID shut down. This butterfly was created with hopes to bring joy and a sense of normalcy to the once lively pier and amusement park. 


Somos Mas La Bandera De Los Gente 

November 2022

1.5x 1 ft  Foam, Acrylic Yarn, Acrylic Paint, Speaker

The Puerto Rican Revolutionary flag is crochet around a sculpted megaphone. The megaphone played different documentaries discussing the displacement and lack of light and resources faced by Puerto Ricans living on the island. 


Open Pump 

November 2021

6x10 ft  Acrylic Yarn, Metal Wire 

A reminder that New York City is healing after COVID, this piece pays homage to the open pumps that children played in on hot summer days from my childhood and those in neighborhoods I've lived in. La bomba has played such a joyous role in my life and the lives of New York city children who have been allowed to play on the stoop and cool of in its cold water. This stopped during COVID but has reemerged showing us that "The greater the storm the brighter the rainbow" 

IMG_9736 (1).CR2

Reminder to Self 

6 ft x 7 ft  Acrylic Yarn 

146 individual feathers


Reminder to Self and was created as a symbol of hope healing and renewal. This past year was full of the hardships, heartache and devastation due to COVID and constant  injustices faced by BIPOC. Being locked inside not being able to visit family members, or family in the hospital for months, to some losing family to COVID and others to police violence. It was in our face so blatantly, it began a rising in so many of us! During this time people have gained the strength to use their voice to spread love and as the Phoenix renew into fierce unyielding beings. This art is a symbol of rebirth, and revolution rising through love!

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